the 5 most Trendy And Best Homemade Pizza Recipes In Easy Process

In these days, no one can live without eating a pizza. why? because of the taste of a pizza. But People eat pizza by buying from the restaurants and by pizza corners only because people don’t know how to make pizzas at home.

Now we will tell you how to make pizza on your own. After seeing this you will don’t waste your time to order the pizza and waiting for the delivery of that pizza and you will don’t waste your money also..come and join with us to learn about pizza and the Homemade Pizza Recipes!

Pizza is the combination of bread and tomato to be filled with wonderful cheese and its invented by Baker Raffaele Esposito. And we want to tell you not only about the pizza recipe but also we will tell you a good way to eat pizza. Now, We will discuss the people majorly loving 5 most homemade pizza recipes.

5 different pizza recipes

  • Fast Food Pizza Recipe
  • Mozzarella Crust Pizza
  • Pizza Bagels Recipe
  • Vegetable Pizza Recipe
  • Tomato Pizza Recipe

Fast Food Pizza Recipe

We know what is fast food means that the food which is prepared and is served in a quick manner. In the same way, the pizza which is prepared fast as well as served fast called fast food pizza. Now we will tell u how to prepare Homemade Fast Food pizza and Pizza flavors! Follow the below steps to prepare easily…

Fast Food Pizza With Yummy Cheese
Fast Food pizza

ingredients and Pizza toppings List:

            Ingredients        Quantity
All-purpose flour2 1/2  cups
Sugar1 tablespoon
Salt 1 tablespoon
Rise yeast1 tablespoon
Oil1 tablespoon
Water1 cup
Tomato sauce1/4 cup 
Garlic powder1/2 tablespoon
Italian seasoning1 tablespoon
Pepper1/4 tablespoon
Pizza sauce1 1/2 cups
Cheese1 cup


  •  Take a Bowl and first four ingredients mentioned in the above table and mix it gently.
  • After mixing of that four ingredients mix water and oil and then mix that oil with the already prepared flour mixture.
  • Later take that flour mixture and squeeze that flour with the hands.
  • Then take a pan and apply oil lightly in that pan that will turn into the top of the pan.
  • And leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Now take a pizza pan and pour that mixture in that pan.
  • And then we have to Prepare the ingredients which we will apply in the top of the pizza.
  • First mix tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, Garlic powder, Salt and Pepper and then pour this mixture into the flour mixture that is already in the pan so on top of that flour mixture spread this mixture.
  • Now add a pizza sauce and spray the cheese.
  • And again add some of the pizza sauce on the above of the cheese and then repeat with the cheese.
  • Finally, Bake this Recipe in the microwave Oven of 400 degrees F in 15-20 minutes that pizza will convert into the light brown color.
  • Now yummy pizza is ready!

Mozzarella crust pizza recipe

 you love cheese!!! Then the Mozzarella crust is the best pizza recipe for you. We will tell the easy pizza recipe and prepare how to make this recipe. By eating this pizza you earn some of the nutritional benefits. so why you are waiting follow the below preparation steps and enjoy in your home.

Mozzarella Crust Pizza with tasty mozzarella cheese
Mozzarella Pizza

ingredients and pizza toppings list:

Mozzarella cheese2 cups
Pizza seasoning1 tablespoon
Garlic powder1 tablespoon
Parmesan cheese1 cup
Tomato sauce 1/2 cup


  • First, take a sheet pan or a baking tray to be used in the oven and take that tray with the parchment paper that has been treated to make it as non-sticky.
  • And then pour mozzarella on the pan and spread it thoroughly with no holes.
  • Next, add 1 tablespoon of garlic powder.
  • Later add a little bit of pizza seasoning in above the cheese.
  • Then Bake this in the oven of 400-425 degrees F up to the cheese have to be melted and then the edges of the tray must be converted into the light brownish color. It takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes to be baked.
  • And next, remove the tray from the oven and cool that cheese for 2-3 minutes.
  • Now the yummy pizza cheese layer is waiting for the pizza toppings.
  • Apply the tomato sauce in above the cheese crust and add parmesan cheese and the remaining of pizza seasoning and kept it in the oven for 1 minute.
  • Then the hot and cheesy mozzarella pizza is ready!why you are waiting get prepare this Homemade Pizza Recipes and enjoy …

pizza bagels recipe

Pizza bagels are a very interesting item and at the party times it comes to be very special items and it is the best pizza recipe. so let ready to prepare this easy pizza recipe at your homes by following these steps…

Spicy Pizza Bagels
Pizza Bagels


Pizza sauce1/2 cup
Mozzarella cheese1 1/2 cup
Bell pepper powder1 tablespoon
Mushrooms slices2


  • First, Take the Bagels.
  • Take each bagel and apply the 1 tablespoon pizza sauce on half of the bagel.
  • Then gently rough with mozzarella cheese on above the bagels.
  • After that getting ready with the pizza toppings.
  • Add pizza sauce to the bagels toppings.
  • And add bell pepper powder and mushroom slices.
  • Next, take these bagels in the sheet pan and bake in the pan of 400 degrees F up to cheese is to be melted.
  • Now the Godgeous and tasty pizza bagels recipe is ready and tries this creative pizza…eat and enjoy

vegetable pizza recipe

Quick, Delicious and yummies pizza is the vegetable Pizza and the vegetables give an amazing taste to this pizza and this is the best pizza who are the lovers for vegetables. Now we will tell u how to make these pizza ideas at your homes. Follow these steps to be a pizza toppings pepperoni recipe!

Yummy Vegetable pizza
vegetable Pizza


Yeast1 tablespoon
Water1 1/2 cup
Pizza sauce1/2 cup
Bell pepper1 tablespoon
Tomato sauce1/2 cup
Oregano 1 tablespoon
Crushed basil 1 tablespoon
garlic powder1/2 tablespoon
Sliced red onion1 cup
Mushroom slices3
Sliced Vegetables2 cups
Basil1 tablespoon
Parmesan cheese1 cup
Salt1/3 tablespoon  
Black pepper flakes1/4 tablespoon
All-purpose flour2 cups
Oil1/3 cup


  • First, Take a bowl. In that bowl, add 1 tablespoon flour, Yeast and warm water mix those three ingredients and kept it a few minutes.
  • Next, add 1 cup flour, salt, Oregano and, oil mix in it. Again add 3 tablespoons of flour and mix. And squeeze the flour with hands if needed add some flour and mix until the flout gets into sticky and elastic.
  • Take a sheet pan with the parchment paper add the flour into the tray or pan.
  • And next kept it in the oven of 425 degrees F up to the edges of the pan converts into the light brownish color.
  • Now, pizza crust is ready and apply the pizza sauce on the crust and pour the all sliced veggie, mushroom slices.
  • Above the veggies mix garlic powder, oil, and oregano.
  • And bake it for 10-15 minutes after add cheese and spread the fresh basil and pepper.
  • Now the Yummy and spicy vegetable pizza are ready to serve and enjoy the recipe.

tomato pizza recipe

 By seeing fresh tomatoes we want to eat it, right! Exactly why? because everyone loves to eat tomatoes and also tomatoes are good for our health. So, pizza with tomatoes is a great taste and it is a good pizza. That’s why we are ready to tell you how to make a tomato pizza recipe at your home!

Tomato Pizza With fresh tinned tomatoes
Tomato Pizza


Sliced Tomatoes5 or 6
Oil2 tablespoons
Pepper1 tablespoon
Salt1 tablespoon
Sliced onions1/2 cup
Sliced Green pepper1/2 cup
Basil 1 tablespoon
Mozzarella cheese1 cup
All-purpose flour3 cups  


  • First, take flour to add water and oil in the flour mix well and with that flour, we have to prepare the pizza crust.
  • We know how to prepare pizza crust. combine salt, sugar into the flour and mix up to flour get into smooth and elastic. And then apply it on to the pizza pan and bake it in the oven.  
  • After that, place the sliced tomatoes above the crust with a circular manner.
  • Then, Totaly covers the crust with tomato slices.
  • Next, apply oil in it spread the salt and pepper and add green pepper, onion and then spray with some basil.
  • Finally, add mozzarella cheese to taste on above the crust. Bake in oven of 400 degrees F for 10-15 minutes until the cheese gets to be melted.
  • Now, our favorite tomato pizza recipe is ready.

benefits and healthy ways to prepare homemade pizzas by yourself:

  • If we are preparing our own pizza recipes it is better for our health. The first benefit is, by preparing pizza we want flour. In outside wheat should be contaminated means that whatever the fibrous contain in the wheat that all will be removed only sugar content is present in the readymade flour. So, prepared by our own in homes we have taken the whole wheat and we get the good nutrients.
  • And the second benefit we will tell you is, we have used tomato sauce in the pizzas. In readymade sauces, so much of sugar is present but by making our own tomato sauce we will add fresh tomatoes and also fresh vegetables, carrots and other for the fresh vegetable sauce.
  • The third benefit and the healthy way we want to tell you is, In the readymade pizzas, the pizza toppings they add so much of over spices that will affect our health but in the homemade pizzas, we will add some greens like coriander, curry leaves, spinach, kale and so. These will helps good for our health.
  • And the fourth benefit is, In the readymade pizzas they add so much of cheese. we don’t know which type of cheese it is. But, in homemade we will take good cheese which is having lower fat. These are the different kinds of pizzas and its benefits.


Finally, what we will suggest that we don’t know which food gives you good nutrients which is not because all get to be contaminated. So, we have to follow only some remedies to be healthy. What should those remedies mean that by buying food from the outside is better than cooking inside our homes? Mainly in Fast foods like pizzas, we mentioned so many healthy ways and benefits to make the homemade pizzas. Hence, I hope this will helps you. So, try these recipes and enjoy and be good for your health.


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