Best 14-Cup Coffeemakers in the World-wide market

However, there are more than hundreds of coffee makers from tens of popular brands in this worldwide market. But coming to the options in choosing the best one is always the toughest part of buying a coffee maker. Here we got some of the best coffee makers with the capacity of 14-Cup Brewing.

Yes! You heard it right. That’s 14-Cup capacity coffee makers listed here.

While going through the listing below, I think, we should talk about these coffee makers a little bit.

Choosing the best coffee maker might include brewing strength variations, Automatic, Pre-programmable, carafe storage, etc. So, I thought to highlight these 14-Cup coffee makers in here to help you choose the best one.

What’s a coffeemaker!

In fact, the Coffee maker is just a machine converting Coffee Grounds into an aromatic coffee by simply pouring hot boiling water on to the grounds in the tank. From the rough coffee grounds to an awesome coffee, It’s ready in just a couple of minutes to sip it up.

Some of the famous Home&Kitchen appliance manufacturing industries are building greater coffee makers.

So, While choosing the best coffee maker from these markets, You need to consider these following concepts mentioned below

  • Programmability
  • Auto-off
  • Auto cleaning
  • Brewing strength control
  • Brew pause
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Reset to recall settings in case of sudden power unplug

Let’s go through these popular must-have features in coffee makers.


Programmability includes time setting for the brewing process up to 24 hours in advance. It lets you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee by the time you get down the bed.


Automatic off is nothing but like a sleep mode in other electronics like computers. It will turn off the brewing process after the time you have set before in this Auto-Off menu. It can let you set the timer from 0-4 hours.


Auto cleaning is the option given by only a few coffee maker companies to their customers. It has the meaning in its name only. It lets you program for an automatic cleaning process inside the machine where you cannot clean by yourself.

Generally, This feature is provided by the companies only for the products which are not user-repair friendly.

Brewing Strength Control

Sometimes, You might feel dizzy and you want a strong coffee very badly. Well, here you got such control over your brewing strength in these machines. Brewing strength control lets you adjust the strength into two varieties as Bold and Regular.

Brew pause

Brew pause is one of the greatest features provided that let you enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing process is finished.

Temperature maintenance

After the brewing process is finished and you have some coffee left in Carafe, Hey, Don’t get worried. This temperature maintenance helps you maintain the heat and don’t let your coffee cool up to 4 hours so that you can enjoy the whole coffee at the same heat up to 4 hours without losing its taste and aroma.

Recall Settings

A 60-seconds reset recall settings might be an important feature if you customized settings for yourself.

Best 14-Cup Coffeemakers Compared

Bialetti (35041) 14-Cup glass carafe coffee maker

Bialetti (35041) 14-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker, Black Stainless Steel
37 Reviews
Bialetti (35041) 14-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker, Black Stainless Steel
  • BREW GREAT COFFEE: The Bialetti coffee maker simplifies your busy mornings with advanced features & design. Powered with a 1,200 watt brewing system &...
  • VERSATILE & ECONOMICAL: Reduce waste with the 1-4 cup setting & sustainable & reusable permanent filter basket. Easily customize your brew strength &...

Bialetti is an Italian company branding this 35041 model 14-cup coffee maker with all the features provided.

Bialetti coffee maker simplifies your morning with up to 24 hours programmability to schedule your 1st cup of coffee. With amazing features provided in this product, this coffee maker is one of the most popular coffee makers in its 14-cup capacity sector.

Even though this brand doesn’t seem so popular, this product raised its popularity in the customers in making coffee. It includes our most needed features like pre-programmability, brew pause, brew strength controls, etc.

Ok now, Let’s get into its cons and pros.



  • 24 Hours advanced programming helps you schedule your coffee
  • The heater inside the machine is more sensitive so that you need to follow each and every precaution perfectly in order to avoid its damage
  • Auto-Off acts as power saving mode in saving you the electricity charges by turning off the temperature maintenance after the time set
  • The carafe given along with the machine by the company is not replaceable by other carafes available in the market. In case of the broken or damaged carafe, You may need to exchange the entire machine with the company.
  • Temperature maintenance let you enjoy all the cups of coffee at the same heat without losing its taste and aroma
  • Its structure and design made simple to fit in cabinets
  • Its one of the best buy options in with an average of better price and features.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 brew Central 12 cup programmable coffee maker

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black/Silver
5,863 Reviews
Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black/Silver
  • Classic brushed metal design with a 12-Cup carafe with ergonomic handle for comfortable, dripless pouring. BPA free
  • Brew pause feature lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing has finished. Adjustable heater plate (low, medium, high) ensures that your coffee...

DCC-1200 is a brushed metal design with black & silver colors with the capacity of 12 cup max.

While having the list of all the 14 Cup coffee makers, on one hand, This 12 Cup coffee maker with Pre-Programmability stood with all the must-have features in it.

This Cuisinart product has most needed brew pause and brew strength controls to let you enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing process is completed and in the strength, you want to drink.

Even after noticing all the most needed features in this DCC-1200 model of Cuisinart product, there were a few pros too.



  • Brew pause feature
  • Cleaning process works slowly
  • Programmable turn-off
  • Cleansing alerts continuously even after auto cleaning has done its work.
  • Heat adjustable plate
  • Dish-washer friendly coffee pot
  • Charcoal water filter
  • Permanent gold filter.

Salton FC1667 14-Cup Coffee maker

Salton FC1667 14 Cup Coffee Maker, Black
156 Reviews
Salton FC1667 14 Cup Coffee Maker, Black
  • 14 cup capacity (2.1 litres)
  • 24 hour programmable timer

Salton is one of the popular brands for these coffee makers and its features along with its durability. But, if guidelines aren’t followed perfectly, some machine faults may start to appear.

This FC1667 model 14-Cup coffee maker has its own 1000Wt power machine. And it comes with the same pause and drips feature to enjoy a cup in advance.



  • Pause & Drips
  • Brew strength control is not available with this coffee maker
  • 2 Hour Heat hold
  • 2hr Temperature maintenance is available instead of 4hr time like other brands.
  • 24 Advanced programming
  • 14 Cup (2.1 Ltr) brewing capacity
  • Anti-Drip Feature to avoid wastage of coffee while changing filled cups.


Cuisinart CBC 6500PC Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart CBC-6500PC Brew Central 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
11 Reviews
Cuisinart CBC-6500PC Brew Central 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
  • 14-Cup Glass Carafe With Stainless Accented Handle
  • Adjustable Keep Warm Carafe Temperature

Compared to most of the other brands, Cuisinart turned out to be popular in making the best budget buy coffee makers.

It makes a good pot of coffee by the time you wake up in the morning with the help of pre-programmability which you can use to program the exact time and date within 24 hours in advance. It’ll be perfect for your morning to get a good cup of coffee without keeping any efforts in it.

Looking into the cons & pros of this product, they are gathered as you can observe them below.



  • Auto Cleansing alert will let you know when its time to clean the machine.
  • Brew pause will stop the dripping for a limited time only to let you change the pot or cup.
  • The pro-programmable feature helps you get a coffee by the time you will be freed up or wake up in the morning up to 24hrs in advance.
  • Bold (Strong) strength module of the coffee brewing process takes more time than 10-15 min.
  • Brew Pause will give you the chance to you to enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing process is completed.
  • Temperature maintenance feature will definitely help you enjoy the last cup of coffee which is left over even after 3hrs.
  • The two options present in the coffee brewing process to let you change the strength of the coffee in Bold (Strong) and Regular styles.


Cuisinart DCC-3200 14 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Handle Programmable Coffeemaker, Silver
5,219 Reviews
Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Handle Programmable Coffeemaker, Silver
  • State-of-the-art technology to ensure hotter coffee without sacrificing flavor or quality
  • Brew strength control allows you to select regular or bold coffee flavor

Coming to this DCC-3200 Coffee maker, This product has the best features which are like, Pre-Programmability, Auto-Off, Brew Pause, Brew Strength controls, Heat maintenance, etc. In the wide range of Cuisinart Coffeemakers, this model is best rated in both price and quality. The quality of the product is no more attractive feature that the design of the same product is.

Compared to the other coffee makers, this fits perfect in the kitchen’s cabinet and even suites the room decor colors. Before going into Pros and Cons of this product, Don’t miss to check out this product in a detailed review on this page through the link below

Cuisinart DCC-3200 Programmable Coffee Maker Detailed Review



  • Auto-off
  • Steam Exhaust is a little bit much to control. Without exhaust in the kitchen, the person besides will be facing that steam a little bit.
  • Brew Pause
  • Brew Strength control
  • Programmable up to 24 hrs in advance
  • Nice Design
  • And finally, Best Budget Buy Product


Our Review

After going through all the products listed above, and tons of review & ratings from various websites, Cuisinart DCC-3200 stood first in line.

Even though there are some cons for each and every product on the list, this one DCC-3200 has few cons and had the best pros from every other product.

Overall rating

Check out the overall ratings of each and every product from the list above.

Bialetti 35041 14-Cup Coffee maker- 4.5/5
Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffee maker- 4.5/5
Salton FC1667 Coffee maker- 4.0/5
Cuisinart CBC 6500PC Central Programmable Coffee Maker- 3.3/5
Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Programmable Coffee maker- 4.6/5


Final concent

Along with the comparison, all the products have been reviewed completely to give one final suggestion to you, the readers out there, to help you out choosing the best one in this market. I hope you realized how to choose the best coffee maker machine in this worldwide market.

Happy Coffee to YOU!

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