what is the best hand mixer on the market today? || Cuisinart Handheld Mixer Review

Hand mixers are also known as hand blenders which provides a perfect mixing in a bowl to be prepared a delicious dessert recipe. Why we should use hand mixers? Because compared to the mixing of cake batter by using hand mixer will do a better job than the hand mixing. It will mix perfectly all the blending ingredients till it gets incorporated and smooth. All types of batters are not needed at the same speed. A variety of speeds are required for different mixing needs. 

A hand mixer is the handheld mixing device. The motor drives the beaters which immersed in the food substitutions to make a perfect mixing. The users can use any containers from their kitchen to hold the ingredients while mixing. There are a lot of advantages to using the hand mixer because it really makes your work simple and tasty. First of all tastiness of any grain products recipes depends on how much smoother the ingredients get incorporated? Without effective mixing, we cannot prepare tasty dessert recipes. Perfect mixing of the ingredients is important for delicious cooking. You no need to work hard to prepare a batter for your recipes. The hand mixer does mixing well and it may make your dishes tasty and smooth. 

Now in online marketing, there are a lot of hand mixers are available at affordable price. It is the time for your glance at my article to know much matter about hand mixers. Where to buy hand mixer? What are the things to be considered while buying a hand mixer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hand mixers? If you want the detailed information of hand mixer, just go through my article and close it with the full of awareness of hand mixers. 

which things are to be considered before buying a hand mixer?

Which hand mixer is best for you? What things are to consider when buying a hand mixer? 

Now all hand mixers are coming with various attachments. Then here you have some important thing to consider while buying a hand mixer. Everyone wants to buy a perfect and comfortable one. Before buying any product you should make a small analysis for different hand mixers. This analysis guide you to select and buy a perfect hand mixer. Buy the best one at an affordable price with effective benefits and features. When you are buying a hand mixer you should consider the below key points.

1. The shape of the beaters- Beater attachments are very important parts of mixing. We should check the shape and design of the blenders when buying a hand mixer. Beaters are coming with a flat end, curve end etc. I prefer the curve ended beaters because it will provide effective mixing.

beaters shape

2. The base of the hand mixer  – By this time you have to look at the base part of the hand mixer. When you are not using it should be set at the top. If the base is too small, it will be toppling. Make sure that you buy one should not have curve endings and surfaces. It is better when the mixer set straight down into a completely flat surface. 

base parts of hand mixer

3. The speed of the hand mixer – On the other hand, you have to check the speed of hand mixer. You can adjust the speed by the speed buttons on the hand mixer. Test the speed if they allow you to check the speed. 

4. Price of the hand mixer – The first thing we commonly focus on is the price of the hand mixer. You no need to worry about the prices. There are some best hand mixers which available at affordable prices. Prices start from $14 to $65. You can choose your best one and enjoy baking!

5. The weight of the hand mixer- Another thing you should consider when buying the hand mixer is weight. The average ideal weight of the hand mixer is 680grams without any attachments. If anything below that weight becomes flimsy. Buy the stable one with having at least 680 grams weight. 

Cuisinart hand mixer

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case, White
1,739 Reviews
Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case, White
  • Handheld mixer with 220-watt motor and automatic feedback
  • Simple on/off button; 1-touch speed control and 9 speed options,BPA Free
  1. Hand mixer with a 220-watt motor and automatic feedback.
  2. It has 7-speed options, shifts speeds with a single touch.
  3. The parts of the hand mixer are swivel cord, extra long dishwater safe beaters. 
  4. The Cuisinart hand mixer is ideal for heavy-duty tasks.
  5. You can control the speed of the beaters with one hand and use your other hand to do remaining tasks. 
  6. This mixer comes with a three-year limited warranty. 
  7. Moreover, the buyers have given positive feedback on the Cuisinart hand mixer. 
  8. Have an awesome design. Looks great in any place of the kitchen.

Benefits of Cuisinart hand mixer

  1. No more waiting for ingredients like butter to soften before starting to bake! You can whip your favorite one at any time.
  2. Warm air coming from the beater gives the smoother results of ingredients.
  3. Get fine results for both simple and more complex baking and cooking projects.
  4. Very easy to handle and clean and gives perfect mixing
  5. Comes with a convenient case for storage to avoid missing of attachments.

Although it performs the hardest of mixing and beating tasks in the kitchen. HM- 90BCS makes sure you don’t need to move a muscle. You can just move your finger to change the speed. 

  • Because of the adjustment of speeds, the hand mixer offers more quality and texture to your food.
  • The only thing with this mixer is the weight of the mixer is over 4 pounds. 
  • You can prepare the mixture in large quantities because of the extra long beaters.
  • Storage case makes it even better to secure the accessories of a mixer. 
  • Easy to clean, assemble and disassemble. 

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Cuisinart hand mixer

One or more types of mixers

1. Hand mixer

The hand mixer is a cake mixer that mixing the batter well for delicious bakings. Hand mixers won’t need much space than stand mixers. This mixer is simply designed for easy handling. You can easily carry this mixer for your kitchen deeds. Hand mixers are two types 1. Electric hand mixer 2. rotary hand mixer.

To handle the rotary hand mixer you need a lever to do the mixing. For handling the electric hand mixer you no need to work hard, just hold the mixer well while the movement happens automatically. These are faster and easier to prepare a dough but it requires some time more than a stand mixer. 

  1. Hand mixers won’t need much counter space
  2. These are more affordable
  3. Easy to clean and handle.
  4. You can use any type of bowl from your kitchen to mix the ingredients.
Things to keep in mind
  • Hand mixers involve a hand controlling.
  • These are not much faster than a stand mixer.
  • This mixer leads mixing to somewhat messy.
  • Hand mixers are now available at affordable prices

2. Stand mixer

CHEFTRONIC Stand Mixers Tilt-head Mixers Kitchen Electric Dough Mixer for Household Aids 120V/350W 4.2qt Stainless Steel Bowl
115 Reviews
CHEFTRONIC Stand Mixers Tilt-head Mixers Kitchen Electric Dough Mixer for Household Aids 120V/350W 4.2qt Stainless Steel Bowl
  • 【350W MOTOR & 6-SPEED CONTROL】: CHEFTRONIC stand mixer high performance motor can mix 1.1LB dough in one-go; 6 optimized speeds with pulse...
  • 【4 ACCESSORIES SET】:CHEFTRONIC stand mixer is equipped with 4 different accessories. 3 kinds of mixing accessories: flat beater、dough...

A stand mixer is one of the best requirement in the kitchen. Stand mixers are large and have the most powerful motor. It is generally has a separate bowl that locked during the preparation of mixture. These are two models such as countertop stand mixer and floor model stand mixer depend upon the size of the mixer.

Stand mixers are heavy duty mixers which tend to need a little tweaking and adjusting in order to mix properly. A stand mixer makes the work easier. They are especially used for any baking that involves in like thick dough, dough for pizza making. Stand mixers commonly come with large bowls. the main inconvenience with stand mixers is heavy weight and highly expensive.

  1. Stand mixers are more powerful than a hand mixer.
  2. Usually, stand mixers comes with various attachments that will help to mix various types of mixing needs. 
  3. Since mixing the ingredients, you can pay your attention to other works.
  4. It still mixes the ingredients fast and thoroughly.
Things to keep in mind before buying a stand mixer
  • Stand mixers differ from hand mixer because it needs a high power to mix than a hand mixer.
  • More expensive than a hand mixer
  • Cleaning the parts of the mixer is difficult than a hand mixer.  
  • Take a lot of counter space.


Nowadays all people are usually prepared their bake items at home on their own. The tastiness of any food is based on the quality of preparation. Without effective mixing of batter of cake, we cannot get the smooth and tasty cake as we expect. To rectify that mixing problem I have advertised the hand mixers for the effective mixing. For those people, who are food lovers, I suppose that my article had given useful information. In my article, I have given the whole information regarding mixers and its types, benefits, features etc.

From my opinion hand mixer are most comfortable one because of its easy handling. We can carry it easily to any place to another. As from the information of more benefits and features of hand mixers, for my convenience, I may prefer the hand mixer. On the other hand, it is available at an affordable price. 

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