The Graniterock pan is made with the triple food-granite granite layers and it is coated with nonstick. It is a highly durable pan and able to cook in heat up to 500 F. It is a three-layered non stick durable aluminum frying pan. It has a well-built granite rock finish. There is no requirement of any oil or butter to cook in this pan. People are always thinking about what is the best frying pan. And particularly the best non stick frying pan. It is one of the best nonstick frying pans. Graniterock pan is made with the aluminum with three granite layers. So, lots of people want to buy and use this product. It is very easy to handle the nonstick pans but we must wash with the hand than the dishwasher because the coating at the top layer may damage while washing with the dishwasher. It is safe to cook in the medium heat.

Even I also looking to buy the best nonstick pan for a long time, then I choose this Graniterock nonstick frying pan. Because of its distinct features like heating, light weighted pan, dishwasher safe, and not the usage of oil and butter.

Graniterock Non-stick, No-warp, Mineral-enforced Square Pan PFOA-Free As Seen On TV (12-inch)
66 Reviews
Graniterock Non-stick, No-warp, Mineral-enforced Square Pan PFOA-Free As Seen On TV (12-inch)
  • Triple food-grade granite layers for maximum durability and to prevent age or heat-induced warping.
  • High-grade natural mineral coating for a super non-stick cooking experience.

Description of the Graniterock nonstick pan:

The manufacturer of this pan is the Emson. The weight of this pan is 1.9 pounds and it has three layers made with granite. It has an aluminum layer at the inner for heat conductivity and even surface heating. This Graniterock nonstick pan can withstand the heat up to 500 F of temperature. It is better to cook in low heat in nonstock cookware items. You can use this frying pan for cooking oil-free recipes because it cooks the items without oil and butter. If you can try the recipe without oil in this pan it can not stick to the pan and you get the perfect texture and taste to the recipe without oil. Because the top layer is coated with the nonstick material which is food safe.

How to use non stick pans?

Many of the people don’t know how to use the nonstick pans in proper way. There are not aware of using this nonstick pans. So, here are some tips on how to use this nonstick pans properly.

  • It must be wash after the nonstick pan is completely cooled when cooking is completed.
  • If you wash the nonstick pan just after completion of cooking(hot pan), it may cause to damage the top layer surface.
  • The nonstick pan should be clean with hands or with a smooth sponge type dishwashers not with hard scrubbers. Because of these scrubbers, the top layer may damage.
  • It always better to maintain medium heat while cooking on nonstick fry pans. If you cook at high flame the lifespan of that nonstick fry pan may decrease.

Graniterock nonstick pan reviews:

Performance of the pan : 3.5/5

I personally use this pan and take a trail on the performance of Graniterock nonstick pan with other pans. When I am cooking in Graniterock pan while frying items requirement of oil is very low when compared to other pans. And the items not stuck to the pan and we can easily remove from the pan.

The words which related to the pan while marketing the pan are true except the cooking without oil. Because when we want to use this pan for cooking we just want to use minimum 1/2 tbsp of oil. If not the stuff is totally stuck to the pan. After it is difficult for cooking then we must add some oil to the pan while cooking.

Design of the pan : 4/5

There is lots of difference between these pans and another type of pans. Because the design of these pans is good. There is no sticky of any material to any bolts of the pan. It is easy while cleaning of the pan. So, lots of customers are attracted towards this pan due to the pan design. It is a good choice for pan lovers.

Quality of the pan : 4/5

The quality of pan is good that it is durable for lots of days. Actually, it depends upon the usage by the consumers. But the pan is made with the aluminum is useful for the increasing the quality of the pan. And this pan has different layers manufactured by the granite and the coating is made by the nonstick. So it has a good quality.

Price of the pan : 3.5/5

The price of this pan is little high when compared to the other pans due to its unique features and durability. But it is affordable price for those features to consumers.

Pros and Cons:

  • It is nonstick pan and it works better with little quantity of oil
  • Not as shown in the advertisement it can’t be work with no oil.
  • It is a lightweight pan which makes you handle easily while cooking.
  • Need better quality material to be used.
  • Affordable price when compared with other pans.

Is this Graniterock pan is safe?

  • Yes, it is safe for you with the considerations about harmful PFOA coating is not in this pan.
  • Manufacturer can assure you that it is totally free from this PFOA chemical, you can check in the package also.
  • Anyway you can use this pan by taking some precautions while cooking means you can cook in low or medium flame.
  • Because, if you cook on high flame the nonstick coating in the top layer of the pan will got damaged and may stick to the cooking item which is not safe for your health.

 compare with different pans:

All-Clad HA1 Hard anodized pan:

All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Pan

We can cook all the recipes in this pan. This pan has only one layer. It is also a nonstick pan like the Granite rock pan and heats up to 500 F . We can easily wash this pan with any dishwasher. So, it is a dishwasher friendly. But the price is slightly high than Granite Rock frying pans.

 Calphalon contemporary Nonstick pan:

 Calphalon Contemporary pan

It is mostly constructed by the aluminum but it is also washed by any dishwasher. It has three layers at inner and purely coated by the nonstick. It only heated at 450 F .We didn’t increase the heat from it. The handle is made by steel which it is cool at the time of the handling. It totally looks like a granite rock pan with a wide bottom and the edges are made for easy cooking and adjusting the items in the pan. Another important benefit is it has a lifetime warranty. But the warranty is limited.

T-fal 2100093963 E765S264 Ultimate Nonstick Pan:

T-Fal 2100093963 E765S264

It is also made up with hard anodized aluminum. Aluminum is using in all pans because of durability. And it has a different feature called the heat resistance. It has unique Thermo-spot as a heat indicator for preheating. It is made with aluminum but the handles are made with silicon for comfort and safty. It must be heated up to 400 F only. It also has a lifetime warranty but it is limited.

Customer reviews:

Lots of customers think that it is the best pan for cooking comparing with the before pans they already used. So they feels satisfied with this product.The product usage is more easier. And the product cleaning also more comfortable. They felt what the information in all commercials about this pan is true except one thing. What that is cook the items in pan without oil. But actually we must add some oil before cooking in the pan. If not the total item in the pan is get stuck to the pan. And it leads to very hard for cleaning the pan. 

This pan is the very fast cooking pan. Means the pan heats very quickly. It is very useful when compared with the saute pan. Because the saute pan didn’t have the ends like this pan. And after cooking just wrap with the towel then the total pan is cleaned and looks like fresh.

Lots of people also have some mixed opinions about this pan. People think that this is also like an ordinary pan.  Products works good at first after their durability is decreasing for long time usage. And some people gets items sticked to the pan so those people are not satisfied with this pan.Except some people remaining all are satisfied with this pan.

There are a lot of varieties of frying pans are available in the market but most of the people are willing to buy this product. Because of this product design and quality and durability and the main reason is that this product can use and cook the items without oil. Even without oil the items we cooked in this fry pan is not stuck with the pan and it can easily take out from the pan without any force applied. So, I suggest that choosing the best frying pan for cooking may have some strategies in that and make some points be noted as important which is explained above. Choose the right one and cook safely and eat healthy.

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