Types and benefits of black tea which is good for health

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drinking black tea

Most of us in the world are likely to drink Tea in the Early Mornings or taken as per their interests. There are many different flavors in Tea, some of our favorites also. But as per the Health Benefits, some Teas are best teas for Health. On that, we have taken the “Black Tea” why because I personally experienced the Health benefits after having this into my daily life. And this is the fantastic, flavorful and healthy also. So, I can go through this category and many of the people drinking black tea from many years, and now you need to understand the benefits of drinking this “Black Tea“.

Black tea dried leaves

Black Tea is one type of tea which is more oxidized than other teas. Black Tea is generally strong tea when compared to less oxidized teas. This Black tea is made from the product of “Camellia sinesis Plant”. This dry leaves and stem are used in medicines.

Black Tea is also known as “red tea”, which was discovered by China in the 17th century. Many of the years ago only Green Tea and Oolong Tea were consumed. The Story of the Black Tea is that an army from Jianxi entered the Fujian Province and camped at a nearby factory. This unscheduled camped may lead to delay in tea production, and the tea leaves are dried because of laid out in the sun for a longer period. Simultaneously the leaves are turned into red color because of the prolonged oxidation process. And the farmer tries to save the tea production then placed the leaves over a fire of pine wood, which results that leaves are smelled like smoky flavor. And this is the discovery of producing original black tea named as “Lapsang Souchong”.

Basically, Tea is considered to have originated from China. In the parts of China Black Tea is mainly produced by handmade. Most of the High-Quality black teas are made in China, India, Sri Lanka, and most recently in Nepal.

tea growing regions

In the earliest day of producing Tea, the border trade between China, Tibet, and other neighboring countries, tea was fermented, dried, and pressed into bricks to be used as currency. Certainly, most of the black tea produced in China is exported to other countries.

The Dutch first introduced tea to Europe in 1610, it came in England in 1658, then it climbed in fame in England’s American colonies in the 1700s. The requirement for tea underwent huge leaps in the 1700s. From 1800, the English were Yearly consuming 21/2 Pounds of tea and 17 pounds of sugar per capita. The next leap in black tea production came in the 1800s when the Camellia sinensis assamica tea plant variety was found in 1823 from the Assam region of India.

Variants in Black Tea

There are two different types of best black tea variants which are Camellia Sinesis assamica and Camellia sinesis sinesis.

Camellia sinesis assamica is a large-leafed tea plant that is typically used to produce black tea. This is originating in the Assam, India and it grows in warm, moist climates and is plentifully available in the sub-tropical forests.

Camellia sinesis sinesis is a smaller-leafed tea plant which is typically used to produce Green Teas and White Teas. This is originating in China and it evolved as a shrub growing in sunny regions with drier, cooler climates. It grows in mountain regions because it has a high tolerance for cold.

  • By hand or by machine harvesting the tea leaves in the tea industry
  • Heavily dries under the large machines with fans to circulate air and remove the moisture as it evaporates.
  • To break the cell walls rolling is done by machine or by hand to release the essential oils.
  • Oxidation process is done due to the exposure of essential oils to the air. This results to change in flavor, aroma, and color. This step is also referred as “fermentation”, through oxidation. In this phase oxidation is slightly more accurate term for the chemical process.
  • During oxidation, oxygen interacts with the tea plant’s cell walls and turns into dark brown to black color.
  • Through the high heat process the tea leaves are baked or fires which stands oxidation and dries the tea leaves for storage purpose.
  • Next process to to sort the leaves which means any waste material, such as large stems are removed. Sorting different sizes and grades of leaves are divided into batches. This process is for machine made teas.

There are many different types of best black tea in the World. Some of the types of tea are given below. All the black tea are come from the same plants but the taste can be vary depending on the specific tea leaves and blend. In this article I can give the list of the Best Black Tea in the World.

Assam Black Tea:

Tea TypeAssam
OriginAssam, Northeast India
Tastes likeStrong, malty, slightly bitter
Caffeine levelsHigh
Assam Black Tea
Assam Black Tea

Assam Black Tea is the traditional black tea which is originated from the region of Assam in Northeast India. And this Assam Tea is one of the best black tea brand in India and it is also one of the most powerful tasting types of black tea. Many people enjoy this tea with a bit of milk because it is very strong tea, slightly in bitter to taste. So, people enjoy this tea on pairing this tea with milk to balance the flavor. Assam black tea leaves are the main reason for the for the deep taste of tea and bold color of the Assam tea.

Health Benefits of Assam Black Tea:

Assam Tea is packed with full of antioxidants, when compared with the Green Tea and White Tea. Because of extensive oxidation process this Assam tea have full of antioxidants. However, health benefits of Assam black tea such as

  • Decreasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
    heart health
  • Improving blood circulation.
  • Assam black tea has plenty of antioxidants this may help to fight against the cancer cells and enhance the immune system.
  • Assam black tea has another health benefit is to relieve the tension and stress of our body.
  • This type of black tea helps in decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Assam black tea also has benefits in oral health like to strengthen the teeth and fighting with cavities.

Caffeine content in Assam Black Tea:

Assam black tea has high quantity of caffeine which is ranging form about 80mg per 8 fl oz cup. Assam tea contains vitamin B1 and it enables the body to use the carbohydrates intake for energy-use, this results in enhancing the blood circulation.

Assam Black Tea Recipe:

  1. Boiled Water – 1 Cup
  2. Assam Black Tea – 1 Teaspoon
  3. Sugar – 2 Teaspoons(optional)
How to make Assam Black Tea:
  • Take 1 cup of boiled water in teacup or tea kettle.
  • Pour 1 Tablespoon of Assam Black Tea in hot water jar or tea kettle.
  • Leave it for 4 to 5 minutes till the boiled water color changes to red color.
  • Then strain the leaves or tea grains to your Tea Cup.
  • Add 1 Tablespoon of sugar if you want(optional)
  • Now your healthy and aromatic tea is ready to drink.

Ceylon Black Tea:

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Black Tea is originated from Sri Lanka, and this name Ceylon comes from Sri Lanka’s former name – Ceylon. This Ceylon black tea is medium to strong in taste and has slightly spicy and citrusy flavor notes. Because of this citrusy and spicy flavor, this tea is usually used at iced tea drinks. This Ceylon black tea better to take when hot, and it can enjoy in both alone or with some milk also.

Tea TypeCeylon
OriginSri Lanka
Tastes likeStrong, Aromatic, Citrusy
Caffeine levelsHigh

Health Benefits of Ceylon Black Tea:

The health benefits of drinking Ceylon black tea is same as drinking normal black tea as per researches said.

  • By drinking this type of black tea, often provides a boost in mental alertness.
    stress free
  • This kind of tea may increase your energy levels, which may boost your metabolism.
  • In these types of tea contains polyphenols, it helps to decrease the risk of cancer.

Caffeine content in Ceylon Black Tea:

Ceylon black tea has high quantity of caffeine which is ranging form about 78mg per 7 fl oz cup. While green tea usually has only half that amount

Ceylon Black Tea Recipe:

Ingredients: For 2 cups of tea
  1. Boiled Water – 21/2 Cup
  2. Ceylon Black Tea Leaves– 11/2 Teaspoon
  3. Sugar – 2 Teaspoons(optional)
  4. Fresh Milk – As Needed(Optional)
  5. Ginger 2 Small Slices or 1/2 teaspoon of Ginger powder
How To Make Ceylon Black Tea:
  • Take 21/2 cup of water and boil it.
  • Pour 1 Teaspoon of Ceylon Black Tea leaves in boiling water.
  • Leave it for 4 to 5 minutes till the boiled water color changes to red color.
  • Then add ginger slices or ginger powder to it.
  • After few seconds pour fresh milk to that boiled tea mix if needed.
  • Then strain it to your Tea Cup.
  • Add sugar if you want when it mix with milk(optional)
  • Now your healthy and aromatic tea is ready to drink.

Darjeeling Black Tea:

Darjeeling tea.
Darjeeling tea.

Darjeeling Black Tea is a light and refreshing tea. This type of tea is originated at West Bengal, India. This Darjeeling Tea has a unique amber color, and it tastes like a slightly citrusy, floral, fruity, herby taste. So, Darjeeling Tea is a very flavorful black tea choice. This Darjeeling tea is not a good match with milk it may take alone and more suits to take in the afternoons rather than early mornings.

Tea TypeDarjeeling
OriginWest Bengal, India
Tastes likeLight, Aromatic, Soft, Smooth, Sweet
Caffeine levelsMedium

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Black Tea:

Darjeeling Black Tea may offers health benefits that may improves your body health. In this type of tea contains two complex antioxidants.

  • It helps to neutralize harmful free radicals, and reduce free radical damage which can target cell membranes and DNA, and raise your risk of chronic illness.DNA
  • It may reduce blood pressure levels and cardiovascular disease risk.
  • May help to reduce the risk of obesity and promotes weight loss.
  • It may help to reduce the risk of bacterial infections.
  • It may help in lower diabetes risk.

Caffeine content in Darjeeling Tea:

In Darjeeling Tea, there is a medium content of Caffeine have roughly 50mg in one cup, although this amount may vary depending on the strength of the tea.

Nilgiri Black Tea:

iced tea

This Nilgiri Black Tea is originating from the Nilgiris District of South India. This type of tea is composed of small open, slightly twisted broken leaves of uniform size. The color of this kind of tea is a deep reddish brown color and flavors like delicate, floral, and brisk in flavor. This tea is particularly suited to iced tea preparation.

Tea TypeNilgiri
OriginNilgiri, Southern India
Tastes likeDelicate, Floral, Brisk
Caffeine levelsHigh

Health Benefits Of Nilgiri Black Tea:

  • You can lose your weight on drinking of Nilgiri Black TeaWeight loss
  • It reduces LDL Cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attacks
  • It reduces your stress levels.
  • This type of tea fights against diabetes.
  • It increases your immune system.
  • It increases your bone density.
  • It takes care of your oral health.
  • It controls your aging effects and makes your skin tighter and shiner.

Caffeine Content In Nilgiri Tea:

In Nilgiri Tea, there is a high content of Caffeine have roughly 80mg in one cup, although this amount may vary depending on the strength of the tea. As this tea is produces using the CTC method, leaves are cut during processing.

Keemun Black Tea:

Keenum Tea

Keemun Black Tea is one of the most popular types of black tea in the world. This Keemun tea has a delicate flavor. And this Keemun tea is originated from the Anhui of Eastern China. Keemun Tea tastes and flavors like Aromatic, light, sweet, flowery and fruity fragrance. So, we should drink Keemun tea on its own to avoid diluting its impressive taste of Keemun Tea.

Tea TypeKeemun
OriginAnhui, Eastern China
Tastes likeMild, Aromatic, Light, Flowery, Fruity
Caffeine levelsMedium

Health Benefits of Keemun Tea:

Keemun Black Tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols, along with caffeine content which is greatly beneficial for your health.

  • This Keemun Black tea may help you to lose your weight by helping to improve metabolism.
  • And this tea improves your digestion. It reduces the risk of indigestion by getting rid of excess acidity in your stomach.
  • Due to the presence of antioxidants and polyphenols, it helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks.
  • It helps to control blood pressure levels and reduce the level of LDL cholesterol in your body.
  • It helps in improving the blood flow and also reducing the blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes.
  • It also helps in reducing the growth of cancer cells in your body.
    cancer cells
  • It prevents pollution, stress, and unhealthy habits to leave your body and fight against the free radicals that harm your cells.

Caffeine Content In Keemun Tea:

In Keemun Tea, there is a content of Caffeine have in one cup, although this amount may vary depending on the strength of the tea. But the amount is lesser than compared with coffee.

Yunnan Black Tea (Dianhong cha):

yunnan tea
yunnan tea

This Yunnan Black Tea is also known as Dianhong cha, and this Yunnan tea is originated from Yunnan, of Southern China. This Yunnan Tea is very flavorful and aromatic, and it has a smooth and slightly sweet taste.

The color of the Yunnan tea is in golden amber color. This Yunnan tea is good in taste in both its own and with milk.

Tea TypeYunnan
OriginYunnan, Southern China
Tastes likeAromatic, soft, sweet, smooth
Caffeine levelsMedium-High

Health Benefits of Yunnan Tea:

There are some health benefits on drinking a cup of Yunnan Tea a day.

  • This Yunnan Tea helps to improve the mental focus and gives the extra boost to your brain.
  • It helps to lower the risk of heart diseases.
  • It helps to reduce bad cholesterol and prevent obesity-related diseases. And at the same time increase the good cholesterol.
    obesity control
  • It helps in enhancing blood circulation and prevents headaches and migraines.
  • It helps to prevent the growth of new cancer cells.
  • This Yunnan tea may help to develop higher bone mass and greater bone strength.
  • This tea can help you to lose your weight.
  • This tea can help you to reduce stress and its inflammatory properties.

Caffeine content in Yunnan Black Tea:

For every 8-ounce cup of Yunnan tea contains 60 to 70 milligrams of caffeine is there when compared with standard cup of coffee.

English Breakfast Black Tea:

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea has originated in the United States. It is usually the combination of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan. This type of tea tastes like aromatic, malty and robust in flavor. This tea also strong tea and it is bitter to taste with the combination of milk to slightly lighten the flavor. This tea is the perfect choice to take in early mornings.

Tea TypeEnglish breakfast tea
OriginColonial America
Tastes likeAromatic, malty, robust, strong
Caffeine levelsHigh

Health Benefits of English Breakfast Tea:

  • This English Breakfast tea having natural antioxidants, which help to reduce the free radicals in the body.
  • It helps to promote better blood circulation in your body.
    blood circulation
  • It may help to decrease the bad cholesterol, and increase the metabolism of your body and this may help to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Caffeine Content in English Breakfast Black Tea:

For every 8-ounce cup contains 40 to 70 milligrams of caffeine is there in English Breakfast Tea, which is half the amount that exists in a cup of coffee.

  • Black tea benefits for Hair: Black Tea contains high level of antioxidants and caffeine, both are benefits to hair health. The caffeine decreases a hormone that causes hair loss and the antioxidants promote healthy hair growth.
hair growth
hair growth
  • Benefits of black tea with lemon: It increases the iron absorption, fights with free radicals, helps in weight loss, cures a sore throat e.t.c. 
    Weight loss
  • Black tea benefits for skin: The anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties present in tea helps keep your skin healthy and glowing. Black tea contain caffeine and are super-rich in catechins and polyphenols, two antioxidants that are known to fight acne and ageing.
aging free skin
aging free skin

For every food habit, there is a limit to take a minimum quantity of food is good for health. Similarly, Drinking black tea also has a limit to take a moderate amount of tea per day. Drinking 4 or 5 cups of black tea is generally safe for most people. Rather than drinking a large amount of black tea may cause health problems. That’s mostly because of caffeine related side effects.

An 8-ounce in a cup serving of black tea provides 40 – 120 mg of caffeine is available.

  • Minimum 250 mg of caffeine (1-2 cups of black tea) per day is the dosage to prevent from headache and to improve the mental alertness.
  • At least one cup a day is the dosage to reduce the risk of heart attacks and Kidney stones.
  • Minimum of 125-500 ml of caffeine (1-4 cups) daily is the dosage to prevent atherosclerosis.
  • However, men who drink a little amount of 124-208 mg of caffeine (Approx. 1-3 cups of black tea) daily also have a low chance of developing Parkinson’s disease.
  • Similarly, in women, a moderate amount of caffeine (1-4 cups of black tea) per day is best for health.


tea storage containers

  • Store tea in a cool, dark place away from light, heat, and moisture.
  • Don’t keep the tea in refrigerators because if any interaction with moisture can drastically shorten the life of tea.
  • It is best to keep your tea at room temperature i.e., 68 to 77 F (20 to 250 C)
  • It is best to store tea in the airtight containers, non-plastic, opaque container. Glass, tin, aluminum containers are best.
  • Tea is highly absorbent, so give tea its own storage area far away from coffee, spices and any other pantry items that have a strong odor.
  • Black tea is less sensitive to environmental factors and can last for upwards of two years if stored properly.

Finally, most of the people want to drink different types of black tea. Because, black tea contains caffeine and some simulating substances. It helps to improve your health benefits and expand your life span to little bit more. Drinking black tea deal in your daily life with limited dosage is good for your health. So, choose your favourite black tea to add more health benefits to your life.

Some Different Types of Black Teas:

Earl Grey Black Tea, Irish Breakfast Black Tea, Lady Grey Black Tea, Lapsang Souchong Black Tea, Masala Chai, Dianhong Black Tea, Wuyi Black Tea, Rize Black Tea, Golden Monkey Black Tea.

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